Friday, August 3, 2007

Want a great Michelada? Visit Boston Pizza......

If you ask most bartenders in my part of Texas, they'll tell you that they hate to make a Michelada. However, Stephanie, the bar tender at the Boston Pizza in San Antonio is one of those people who can make several versions of this popular drink. Stephanie mixes tomato juice with her special ingredient -- the jalopena juice from a big jar of the south Texas delicacies.

The unique thing about Stephanie is that she doesn't want any publicity. She is one of those great bar tenders who does a great job without wanting the limelight shined on her. Yet, her drink is one of the best versions of the Michelada in Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Wow makes our local restaurants look downright boring:) All of them look like a lot of fun but that Divebar really takes the cake, incredible....and so entertaining! Thanks for sharing..I am always thrilled when I hear of any downtown city enjoying a America! Pizza Bar