Monday, July 30, 2007

Our first mover and shaker -- Sarah Hartman

Flash back to the start of June. The Spurs had just won the Western Conference championship for the NBA. Late one Thursday afternoon, I got an email from Monica Nino, the producer for SA Living, asking me if Twang knew of anyone who could put together some great drinks for a NBA playoff party for their 10 a.m. Living newcast. Chris Day, my colleague and I, talked about several top hospitality managers, but our consensus was that we should ask Sarah Hartman, the general manager of the Suede Lounge, to help us out.

Sarah agreed to help us put together several drinks including the Manuchelada, a toast to Manu Ginoboli and his love of Heinekin. While Sarah was a big help in promoting our Twang products, we at the Twang_movers_and_shakers staff knew the one of the coolest bars on Houston Street was the Suede Lounge. That's why we picked Sarah as our first Twang "Movers and Shakers"